When you purchase medicines from our website, you need to know a lot of other things first. There are some essential terms of the website that we would like to notify all our customers/viewers. As we move further and inform you about other things, you need to go through the website’s policy and different related norms.

The products available on our site have got their approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It means every product and services that we sell on our website is legal as per the norms of the DEA in the United States. At the same time, we do not take ourselves to be a substitute for professional medical help. You can opt to buy medicines from us, but before doing so, you need to take proper medical advice as well. In addition, we do not you to use any of these drugs for recreational purposes as they can be highly harmful to your health.

We give no professional advice –

Each matter that is displayed on the site is collected from various sources. The data and information you see are gathered by numerous researches on the internet and practical and logical reasoning. The information that you’ll come across is a general piece of advice, and we do not take any liability for its authenticity.

You need to know that professional help from a medical practitioner should always be your priority. It will safeguard you from the alternating effects of the drug. Also, medical practitioners suggest to you the drug dosage that fits your health and requirement.

No warranties or liabilities –

As already said, we do not take any responsibility for representing the products and services rendered through our website. Also, the medical information that is present on the website does not hold liability to anyone. It is simply a resourceful collection of data and provides general information. 

Here is a list of things that we do should not be liable for –

  • The products that you purchase from us are available as per the prescription value. If you take them otherwise, we are not liable for their causes on your system.
  • The information that is represented on the website is accurate to our knowledge. However, we do not take any responsibility if you rely on it entirely.
  • Once you purchase products and services from our website, we won’t be liable to check for authenticity. As per our beliefs, we provide our customers with the best medicines. 

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